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Священник Андрей Ковалёв


After separation of Church and state High Self-Esteem, so heavily preached in our society today (schools, media, etc.), seems to be an alternative to In God We Trust. Unfortunately, not many see it that way. However, it is hard to imagine Humbleness, Humility and Obedience, taught in the Gospel, to be the fruits of high self-esteem.

It seems to be the same old temptation of an ancient serpent (Gen. 3:4-5)


Hang the cost
Enjoy the feeling.
Praise yourselffff
Yourssselllfff believe in.

Let your mind be wild and freeeee
Only fools are blind to seeee…
Only week need Father-figure
Who is wiser, stronger, biggerrrrr.

You are fine the way you arrrrre –
Stand on your ooownnn! Shine like a staaarrrr!
Hearken unto my appealll –
Pinch yourselfff, you must be reallll.

Your’re not a slave
Master your wealth.
Live your life,
Enjoooyyyy yourrrssselllllllllfffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!