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Священник Андрей Ковалёв

Hell Tour

‘The way of life is above to the wise,
that he may depart from hell beneath.’
(Prov. 15:24)

Welcome to the underground world of hell,
Please, follow me, don’t mind the smell.
I’ll lead your tour, just for today,
Unless, of course, you want to stay.

Hold to your life, control your fear,
Though, few of you may… disappear.
Remember what you see, or feel,
And I’ll make sure that you will.

Comments or questions? No? Let’s proceed:
First stop is Chamber of the Greed!
I have to caution you to stay away from it
In all its sees – it plants its seed.

All that it sees – it ‘truly’ needs,
It lives to get – on things it feeds.
It’s, actually, close to a disease
Only it’s worse and can’t be cured with ease.

Please, check you ‘pockets’… oh, never mind.
Next stop is Chamber of the Pride!
It is the parent to all sins,
With her death started… hell begins.

Be extra careful, spread out wide.
If she would talk to you – don’t answer, hide.
Don’t try to argue, she is always right.
Before you know it - you will lose the fight.

Next is my favorite – the Chamber of Obsession!
It always plays the role of god clothed in aggression.
When can’t get anything it wants –
It follows you, or rather, haunts!

It binds your hands’n mind… enslaves your spirit.
One has to experience it to believe it!
Now, take any person next to you – drag him away.
We shall proceed on our way!

Next stop is Chamber of the Lust!
Please, everybody, moving fast.
I know, it is unbearable, but it’s ‘a must’
If you would not – I will consider you ‘the past.’

Of all the people that I knew or know
A very few haven’t been drowned in it’s flow.
A very few escaped the chains of luster.
The rest of us well-caught in this disaster.

Come now people, that’s enough.
We are going back, back up unto above
Above this world of dark, of hell.
Come, follow me, don’t mind the smell!