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Священник Андрей Ковалёв



Look at these lines and read them through
Think for yourself whether it’s true.
Look at these lines and see through them
What happens now? What’s going to happen then?

Look at these lines - read in between
What of the world left unseen?
Look through the pressure of the years
Of those who lived through pain and tears.

Look at the way the dark sky clears
When blood’s been shed and death appears.
Look at the motion of the sea
When moon is up for wolfs to plea.

Look at the way how small bird fly
When storm is near but the wind still shy.
Look at the language of emotions dear
When words unsaid, your eye can hear.

Look for the meaning and the sign…
Until the end of time.


Once, in the darkness
Of abandoned golden shaft,
Two fallen angels were disputing methods
Of their ancient craft.

One, relatively small
With moving lips and dancing eyes.
The other one was bigger
With the look that turns to ice.

The ‘moving lips’
Was eager talking,
The bigger one
Calm and precise.

Their conversation,
Rather shocking,
Is hard to fit
into these lines:

‘I want them dead! I want them rotten!’
- You have to patient be and wise

‘I want the ways of God – forgotten!’
- You have to use Light as disguise.

‘My way is proven, I kill often!’
- You kill by one, but I condemn by nation size.

‘You are slow! Attend one person all his life!?’
- Look through his writing, he’ll kill more people being dead, than you alive.’

‘And those who align themselves with God’s strong side?!’
- Teach them self-confidence, then, drown them in pride.

‘And those who naturally love and not afraid to die?’
- Change love to humanism… and hide.

‘And those who say that God is one, and there is a Heaven place?’
- Confirm as true, then, make believe that to Him lead great many ways.

‘And those who read the Bible day and night?’
- Play wrong interpretation, then, logical depression, suicide.

‘And those who’re liked and helpful to people? Do you hear?’
- So, what’s the difference between him and… wooden chair?

‘OK… Get this one:
Sees the meaning of the Bible, ascetic life, knows all lies, attends the church, and very very wise?’
- Oh, you don’t say that we are otherwise?

Then, there fell a deadly silence
Onto forgotten golden mine.
When you have read or heard these lines –
pray for your souls,
Your souls… and mine.

Look at these lines and read them through
Think for yourself whether it’s true…