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Священник Андрей Ковалёв

Boy’s Dream

In the faraway village,
In the dark of the night,
Grandma read boy a story
Of the faraway Light.

Grandma sung him of times
With bad dragons, good knights;
And of his father’s sword,
With deep marks from the fights.

That his grandpa and brothers
Now live in his heart,
And, one day, Man will come
To slay prince of the dark.

Little boy’s heavy sleep
Will continue ‘till dawn.
He would hear drum’s beat,
And the call of the horn.

Crazy eyes of the horses
Splashed with blood of the men.
Lining up of armed forces,
And himself among them.

All the horsemen as one,
Life and death in each hand.
They are not coming home,
They will fight ‘till the end.

Death of honor – slain dragon…
Endless life, future’s land.
Boys’re receiving the crown,
Prince of darkness is dead.

Ever since the world started,
War is men’s blessed way.
We are leaving the ground,
We are not here to stay…

In the faraway village
In the dark of the night –
Grandma read boy a story
Of the faraway Light…