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Священник Андрей Ковалёв

Disputes of the Fall continued - ‘A Predator’.


Each day is only once and gone

Each man would only certainly live once and only.

Thinking of Earth under the Sun

I suddenly felt hurt and lonely.

Walking down the road that I know

With the clouds above that followed me.

I observed little kids playing in being adults

And a crow aside… that frowned at me,

‘Come, you’re on of us,’

A creature’s smile appeared slowly,

‘Do not deceive yourself. I see it in your eyes.

You know me.

I saw the way you danced, when being just a kid.

Shall we?

I heard the way your heart pumps when you read –

The dare in the way you do it…

The way you hate to hear me talk –


What can I say? You are one of us –

A predator… one of the finest breed!

A predator –

A simple steady way you turn your head…

I see pursuit, feel agitation of a midnight race ahead!

A predator –

An ever slowly, calm way you close your eyes…

I feel the taste of blood, and of a brand new hero rise!

A predator –

The way you look, while sitting still,

At rising sun over the hill!

A predator –

A heavy noisy way you’re letting air off your lungs…

The love for wailing winds, unlike all other human sons!

A predator –

An aching pulse in overpowered muscles

Right after feeding on live food in hunted castles!

A predator –

The love for sense of thrill in failure to obey God’s will –

An outstanding of a winner taste –

A kill!

You are following God’s will,’ continued he, ‘in vain.

It is unnatural to humans, hurts! It brings up pain!

In doing so tomorrow – you will fail again!

Excuse yourself before you’ll go insane.

I want to help you being on your own.

You have the needed power, the strength –

Do not postpone!

Why waste your precious time?

Don’t be afraid. Go on!

You’ll see how good it feels

To seat upon the throne!’


‘People live and people die

Follow me fly through the sky!

Raise up your hands. Do not be shy.

You won’t be stricken down. Try!

There is no power in ancient curse!

Don’t ever hesitate in what is yours!

The Bible… is a well-put lie!

Well! Look at me!

I am taking what is mine!

The life is long…

And God, He doesn’t care!

Why being pushed around for so long?

Why living in despair?’

You know, you owe it to yourself –

Don’t be ashamed of being born!

Get rid of guilt for breathing air!’


Each day is only once and gone.

Each man would certainly live once and only.

In order to secure my fair trial,

My Guardian Angel interfered solemnly,

‘Sometimes it’s day, sometimes it’s night –

The worldly order goes.

The way of death is not the way of Life,

But of a total loss.

Look for example at your shadow

Crouching along the wall…

The one that’s always dark and scary,

The one that’s always in the process of the fall!

It’s blank expression – eager to cooperate

And ugly open mouth – ready to debate!

The way it always looks at you,

As if in searching for an answer,

But when the Sun/Son is right above –

It hides inside of you!

Just like a deadly cancer!’


Look at these lines and read them through,

Think for yourself whether it’s true…