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Священник Андрей Ковалёв


What is wrong with Atheism? - NOTHING!

'NOTHING' worries not even a little -
Having itself to worry about.
'NOTHING' has no doubts at all –
Having itself to doubt.

NOTHING's feelings are stiff and numb –
Having itself to feel for.
'NOTHING' doesn’t really care for anyone –
Having itself to adore.

'NOTHING' isn’t loved by anybody –
Having itself to love.
'NOTHING' doesn’t owe anyone –
Having itself to owe.

'NOTHING' isn’t seeing anyone –
Having itself in sight.
'NOTHING' lives in a total darkness –
Having itself for Light.

'NOTHING' doesn’t get into fights –
Having itself for revenge.
'NOTHING' can’t change any of that –
Having itself to change.

People often times ask me: 'why do I have to go to confession for? I've done NOTHING wrong!

Oh, no!

What's wrong with me?
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with us?