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Священник Андрей Ковалёв

The Evil Master (from 'Disputes of the Fall').

Come, dear children,I am your master.
Let's play extravagant disaster.
Let's make somebody devastated.
I'll be the one to orchestrate it.

Let's help somebody loose his mind,
I love to play with human kind.
Let's put somebody in great danger,
I'm good at it, it is my major.

Let's see how humans really feel -
I'll be the one to make the kill:

I'll take their hearts against their will,
And grind them to dust in underground mill.
I'll take their souls and spin them with temptations,
My dear children, hold ovations.

And then, I'll send them down to hell:
Farewell the sky, God farewell.
Go, dear children, serve me well.