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Священник Андрей Ковалёв

A City of Two Tales.

There is a famous city
Resting on the ground.
People in this city
Are as different as they are found.

The richness of their characters
Contributes to the picture.
Variety of buildings
Reflects their owners' fixture.

Official events
Are getting same responses
But, there are certain trends
And entertaining nuances:

The inside versus outside,
The new versus the old -
Are playing game of Seek'n Hide
Or, so I have been told.

The likes against dislikes,
The favor and disfavor...
One has to know 'historic' cites
To get the city's flavor.

Official requirements are held,
'So help me God.'
But circumstances often dealt
with routine that's rather odd:

'Yes, but' with 'No offence'
Are in use to full extent -
Prosperity refuses
Collect from God His rent.

Great city always 'nice to good'
With praise that never fails.
If you don't want to be their food -
Stay clear of their 'whales.'