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Священник Андрей Ковалёв

The Royal Hunt.

Chased souls of men
Scattered in disarray -
The royal hunt
Is under way.

Those who've been tricked,
thought they could pay,
Bleeding in snow
They now lay.

Greyhounds of darkness're
Feeding on their prey.
Prince of this world
Enjoys his day.

'To hell with them!'
Their howling say,
They're good for nothing,
They betray.' (John 6:66)

Poor haunted souls,
They thought they'd get away
Playing along this life's
Demonic play.

They have been damned,
By choice they make today.
They're hunter's joy -
In misery to stay.

Pray, dear people-
Choose wisely what you may,
The royal hunt
Is under way.