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Священник Андрей Ковалёв

Let Me In.

Should you be lonely
And in need of a friend
I will open for you
All the Depths of the land.

Should you loose Faith
Dreading fall and defeat,
I’ll be the earth
under your feet.

Should you be confused,
Beaten down and sad,
I’ll be the sky
Over your head.

Should you be distorted,
Agitated, unpleased,
I’ll brush your hair
With a touch of a breeze.

When you’re tired and frightened,
Feeling depressed,
I will sing to you songs
In a rustling grass.

When you’re lost in the dark,
When you think you can’t win,
I’ll rise up the Son
To protect you from sin.

All I ask in return,
Being God, being King,
When I come to the doors of your heart -
Let Мe in.