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Священник Андрей Ковалёв


The midnight sky is not like any other skies,
It hides its face in beautiful disguise.
Mysteriously binds to itself a million of humans' eyes,
Then stops the moment and treat stars with advice.

Old people say that there is a limit to what one does during the day.
The midnight sky would clear that and take the tiredness away.
With its dark robe it covers fields, forests, and rivers, nature's whole arrays
Then rests them all on airy pillows and silently prays.

Morning may come only when night is done.
Wake up new life, new laughter, lots of son!
Yesterday's worries, pain, and tears - they're all gone!
By night the world is ready for another run!


'What is the Divine Gloom?

TRIAD supernal, both super-God and super-good, Guardian of the Theosophy of Christian men, direct us aright to the super-unknown and super-brilliant and highest summit of the mystic Oracles, where the simple and absolute and changeless mysteries of theology lie hidden within the super-luminous gloom of the silence, revealing hidden things, which in its deepest darkness shines above the most super-brilliant, and in the altogether impalpable and invisible, fills to overflowing the eyeless minds with glories of surpassing beauty. This then be my prayer; but thou, O dear Timothy, by thy persistent commerce with the mystic visions, leave behind both sensible perceptions and intellectual efforts, and all objects of sense and intelligence, and all things not being and being, and be raised aloft unknowingly to the union, as far' as attainable, with Him Who is above every essence and knowledge. For by the resistless and absolute ecstasy in all purity, from thyself and all, thou wilt be carried on high, to the superessential ray of the Divine darkness, when thou hast cast away all, and become free from all.'
- by Dionysius the Areopagite, The Mystical Theology.