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Священник Андрей Ковалёв

Old Master Fright. (Disputes of the Fall)

There were they in great fear (Pss. 14:5)

Once, in my dream,
Right in the middle of the night,
I saw a haunted castle
Of the Old Master Fright.

He sat there motionless and grim,
Very unpleasant site.
His shady features were not clear
Since there was no light.

Just when I thought
That I should flee,
He turned and looked at me.
His face I could not see.

Dark robe he wore
In his dark place.
Under dark cloak
He had no face.

He must have sensed
My heart's distorted pace.
I couldn't help it,
It just took off into a wild, wild race.

'Come closer, dear child,'
His voice was harsh, of low bass,
'I've seen you coming here before.
What's wrong with you these days?'

'Well, sir.I don't know,'
I didn't say. I only thought.
Aside of him in robe-like coat,
And wearing, like him the cloak -
I saw myself:

Wide opened eyes of no luck,
In terrified and frozen shock.
'How could that be?' I thought once more,
If I am standing here,
Then, who is that person-me
Afloating over there?'

'Oh, this' continued he, 'is my beloved daughter
And good lady miss Fright Fear.
You see your frightened face on her,
Because she is aways very personal.
She is the one that's always near.
She has more talent than I do
And quicker to appear.

She is young and more insistent, more severe
Day after day, Year after year,
Many brave souls are going to disappear.
She is the one you are going to feel and hear
When even eyes of flesh are shut,
By using only inner ear.

I am getting old,
She is taking over my domain.
Now, there you have it
Clear and plain.'

And so the morning came
Into my way.
Bringing Sun light, fresh air,
Taking Old fright away.

But when I looked myself into a mirror,
Right after washing sweat away,
One of my eyes blinked back at me,
And growing terror,has settled in the back of me
To stay.