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Священник Андрей Ковалёв

Fallen Angel (Disputes of the Fall)

I am horse-riding hunter of the night.
My lips are always moving in anticipation of the fight.
I live alone and thrive on broken faces.
Come in and join my favorite collection of lost chances.

I am aggression. My face is harsh and wrecked
My favorite habit - brewing disrespect.
I will not tolerate malfunctioning of senses,
Or, any other abnormalities in multi-cognitive processions.

I am a very proud creature. Mind that?
Think twice before I'll welcome you to see you burial cite.
I love to look into tormented humans' eye,
Just when they're ready to release their final dying sigh.

I am going steadily and feeling good. Do not anticipate my mood.
I say, 'move over, or I'll shoot. You see, I hate, it is my food.'
Tremendous feedback from my attitude's - disastrous.
I breath not air but insults. I like to see result that's obvious.

Prefer my killings in the darkness of the night.
Exactly when you are most afraid and least expect my bite.
Watch out and keep low, I'm counting your hair.
My flying character's amused to see you shaking over there.

I love all-capturing obsession of the soothing cool of death.
Escape in many different pieces is the only choice you have.
When falling down on my prey with folded wings I bruise the air.
The moment when we meet again - you won't have time to say the prayer.