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Священник Андрей Ковалёв


Day after day,
Round after round,
Depression is beating me
Against the ground.

So ever slowly
So ever loud,
Against the movement
Against the sound.

Under the surface
Of the sea
Of sinful world
So I won't flee.

Against the air
Against the sky,
Until the moment
I can't fly.

Against the Son
Against the Light,
So, I won't have
'Nough strength to fight.

Down by snow
Down by rain,
Until I can't get up

Against the stars
That sharp in form,
To get me bruised,
To get me torn.

Against my loved ones
And my friends,
Until I disappear
With no memory, no ends.

Even full Moon
With steady run,
Continually mowing me
Into being gone.

If you see depression's face,
When you see depression's style,
Run for your life, my dear friend.
Run very fast. Run like a wild!